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An occasion of lifetime, planning and curating one of a kind weddings in our forte. We offer a bouquet of bespoke and standard services for wedding planning and management.



by White Iris

So, you’ve finally decided to have the big event? When it comes to your dream wedding, we firmly believe that the magic lies in the details. When it comes to Event Consultation, we help you stratigize your little things. While the first consultation is complimentary, a series of consultation helps us build your dream event. When you consult us for a wedding you do not get assistance for just the major aspects of the event but we make sure that we take care of the little details discreetly too. We offer complete assistance when it comes to gifting solutions, catering and cuisine management and everything that follows.


An occasion of a lifetime, planning and curating is our forte. We offer a bouquet of bespoke and standard services for wedding planning and management. Starting with the choice of the location, defining and designing the aesthetics of the occasion, management of the hospitality to curtailing entertainment for the entire event. We offer bespoke services for every client as we firmly believe that every wedding is unique and deserves a touch of personalization in accordance with the preferences of the bride, the groom and the families.

From Thoughtful Consultation to Perfect Execution

Catering & Bar Management

(Our culinary strategists know what it takes to make daytime delicious and nighttime memorable. While you live your dream day, leave the delicacies to us.)

Logistic & Operational Management

(From making sure that the guests arrive in comfort to ensuring that every other aspect of the wedding arrives well in time too, we're here to coordinate.)

Trousseau Styling, Hair and Makeup

(From selecting the outfits of the bride, groom and the closest to them to styling perfectly well in pair with the theme, we are here to make you look the best.)

Destination Planning & Venue Management

(Deciding upon a location, fulfilling contractual formalities and ensuring a picturesque experience for the attendees and the hosts.)

Entertainment Management

(From the acoustics to the lighting, from the performances to the vibe and everything else that you need for a splendid wedding. )

The White Iris Touch


Hospitality Experience

(From ensuring a stay that meets expectations, to planning a vibrant hospitality experience that meets your budget; we're here for you)

Theme conceptualization and Gifting Ideation

(A theme that meets your story, and gifts' that match your guests; let us take care of it from start to scratch.)

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Within our Clients Preferences, Dreams and Budget.


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